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Титкова Ольга
300 p.
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Нужно перевести текст… до завтра. Для знающих язык это не займет много времени. Помогите пожалуйста.School Education in Great BritainThere are different kinds of schools in Great Britain and most common is a state comprehensive school.The conprehensive school is a school that offers to all children in the area,whether the brightest or the least able,an education which will take them as far as they can go.The children are not selected when they arrive,but within the school the teachers do look carefully at their potentials and every child is taken to its full potentials.Because there are children of all abilities coming to school the teachers have to devise tests very carefully not to upset the children.Some children,for example,find writing very difficult.There are children who can barely write a few lines in half an hour,and there are ofher children who write three pages.They have all done their best,but often bright children fall down,they lower their expectation and,as we know,the future of any society depends upon some of the brightest and most able children.In Britain comprehensive schools differ from town to town and even within the town.You could walk through the front door totally different from the next one down the road because of the freedom of teachers to devise a curriculum.The atmosphere of the school is entirely down to the personnel and the personality of those teachers.The children's parents can choose the state school they want theit children to go to.If they don't want them to go to the nearest state school,they will have to pay for the transport - that is get their children to and from the school each day by a hired school bus.An essential part of the curriculum of all British schools proposed by Department of Education and Science in English and mathematics.These subjects should from part of every pupil's course for the first five years of compulsory secondary education.Out-of-class study,or homework,is an integral and essential part of the curriculum.On modern languages the proposal is "minimum of two and preferably three years of foreign language teaching".On "science" the emphasis is on a broad course embracing elements of physics,chemistry, biology and their practical applications.All third,fourth and fifth year pupils receive careers guidance.Fourth year pupils have the opportunity to take part in a work experience scheme,and fifth year pupils are given guidance when they start job seeking or applying to college.The creative studies are an essential part of education during the first three years.They include art,pottery,graphics,home economies,textiles,woodwork,metalwork,plastics,etc.
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